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    Beryl Mann

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    Many thanks Jane for the information by e-mail about Ellen.  I have made a note of all the children of John and Harriet to tell my cousin in Australia who has supplied us with so much of the family history, however I don't know whether or not she knows this as usually she passes on to us anything else that comes up.

    I feel dreadful about letting you down and thamesweb too.  He was quite excited at the prospect that there could be links with the Castle Ditch residents and any of us folk on the forum!  It is just that I have been getting so many off-days when I can't do anything much at all.  I am quite a slow typist too so I can't rattle things off like some of you do!  My daughter and son-in-law are camping in West Sussex as part of their holiday and are making daily visits to help me out.  They have worked so hard on the garden which is back to its former glory amongst other jobs that have not been able to do.

    Please bear with me.  I have had a few things to sort out and when that is complete I hope to tackle Castle Ditch with a clear mind even if it means posting bit by bit and little by little!

    Thanks again

    Kind regards



    Reply from Jane Lindsay:

    Beryl, I'm always happy to help.  I really enjoy family history research, and I'm a bit stuck on my own as I've been at it for so long that I now need to get into much older documents that are not available on-line.
    I have a second cousin, Stuart, whom I "met" via genesreunited.  Our mothers were cousins, and lived in the same street in Tooting.  I knew Stuart's grandma, and he knew mine, but we didn't meet until we were both retired!  Stuart's first wife died when she was about 50 and he later married Chris, who was a widow.  I have now researched Chris's family, and Gloria's (the first wife), and I'm now working on Alf's (Chris's first husband).  It's been very interesting, as it has taken me into parts of the country that I haven't researched before.
    The work I've done on Bier Lane and other parts of Windsor has been interesting too.  Although I grew  up in Windsor, I wasn't born there, and I don't have any ancestry in the area.  I hope to get back to the Peascod Street 1851 listing soon.  I've already sent one half to Thamesweb, but I think he's forgotten about it. Busy man.  I know what it's like.